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Cougars prowl Sydney.With some understanding from Helen Razer, Lisa Martin braves the frenzy that is feeding Australia’s first Cougar meeting.

Cougars prowl Sydney.With some understanding from Helen Razer, Lisa Martin braves the frenzy that is feeding Australia’s first Cougar meeting.

Competition had been intense.

A 42-year-old pole dancer, had 15 coins by 10pm Lisa Peacock.

She actually is no stranger to Cougar Town.

“At 41 I became dating a 19-year-old, and I also’m presently dating a guy that is 29,” she stated.

“the definition of cougar is a little shallow, if two different people go along while having a connection, age is unimportant.”

An hour or so later on, Joanna Holden, a 38-year-old individual associate, reported the crown, with an increase of than 60 coins.

“Everything concerns mamma,” she stated following the tiara ceremony along with her Britney Spears-esque success dance.

“It really is perhaps not my moment that is proudest guess what happens? It is my funnest (sic) moment.”

Nicole Fury, 51, stated she had been disappointed she did not win the vacation but ended up being pleased with the following most sensible thing: T.J, a 25-year-old cub from Ireland.

“(He’s) really yummy,” she stated. “we will see just what occurs.”


Writer and broadcaster Helen Razer is ready to get undercover at Melbourne’s very very first Cougar Convention:

just just What lengths have actually you visited when preparing when it comes to Cougar Convention?

We have perhaps perhaps not bought a tin of foam spray tan; looked for advice from the aesthetic doctor or bought an X-Box and a frozen pizza when you look at the hope of luring a cub. I have done nothing. I will wear heels, however, as the dress is understood by me code demands it.

You think cougars have already been unfairly maligned?

In a tradition in which the register of a female’s worth remains her look, older ladies are quite generally speaking panned. The cougar merely dares not to offer two hoots. If they’ve been maligned: big deal. They are most likely much too busy working, refinancing, doing Kegel workouts and doing whatever it really is that cougars do once they’re perhaps not cubs that are doing.

Exactly what are your objectives in regards to the meeting? Will you be hoping to find a cub or perhaps is it purely expert?

I am going to to create an item for . And I don’t believe, within the tradition of Gonzo founded by that mag, this forty-year-old is going to be getting all Hunter S Thompson on some bad youngster. (i do want to) discover it if this trend actually exists away from imagination of bored stiff tv manufacturers.

Just What do teenage boys provide cougars that older guys can not?

I imagine older women can be drawn to cubs’ passion and their relative naivety. The Jean that is late Baudrillard, “there’s absolutely no aphrodisiac like purity.” I do not think we have to disregard the possibility that ladies is as hopeful for a competent, no-strings encounter as guys. And, contrary to the view that is popular lots of women earnestly eschew commitment. Its not all woman aspirations of her “special time in white” nor, also, of monogamy.

Q: What can cougars offer cubs that younger women can not?

I guess a number of women of my advanced level years keep by themselves fitter and better groomed than their more youthful siblings. We are the marketplace section whom joins gyms, buys Pilates mats and slathers on anti-ageing cream, therefore, it isn’t as if we are decomposing. And it’s also as if these ladies provide less problems than some body only a little more youthful That is: they wish to keep it easy.

Could be the cougar sensation only a media pummelled or a actual trend?

I am uncertain. I’m able to state, but, that We have received more attention from teenage boys since my fortieth birthday celebration than used to do into the decade that preceded it.

We have talked with older women about that plus they affirm: the peri-menopausal women get good luck young male phone numbers. So, it is most likely something which was taking place, without scrutiny, for a long time. And I also guess it seems sensible. Honestly, you’ll not find two animals less inhibited and much more wanting to experiment than a new guy and a middle-aged girl.

Cougars convene on Melbourne February, 20. Skip Cougar Australia is going to be crowned 5 on the Sunshine Coast june.